Elar’s serves classic lechon is known for its crispy skin that lasts for hours and meat that is distinctly fresh, juicy, and tender. The distinct taste of Elar’s lechon® evolved from tradition following a recipe created back in the 60’s, by its founder, the late Jose Lontoc, which he continuously improved until the 70s.

Elar’s values freshness from raw material to end product in meeting every lechon order. This is the company’s self-imposed standard, its unique selling point, setting it apart from the rest. First, Elar’s operate its own piggery, thus allowing optimal management on the quality of raw materials. Second, Elar’s uses only freshly slaughtered meat from its own facility, which is accredited by the Philippine National Meat Inspection Board. Fresh meat, dressed with Elar’s own blend of herbs and spices, then roasted over specially selected charcoal to enhance the smokiness and flavor of the lechon, produce the distinctive Elar’s lechon®. Each Elar’s Lechon® bears an assurance of freshness and classic flavor, which satisfies the discerning Filipino palate. As a highlight to the distinct feature of Elar's Lechon®, the whole lechon lays on a unique bamboo tray designed by the founder for easy handling and can be served directly on the buffet table. It is popularly known as Elar's Lechon® on a Bamboo Tray.

Elar’s Lechon® was established 1970. The name comes from the initials of the last names of the founding couple (father – Lontoc and mother – Rodriguez). What started then as a hobby for Jose Lontoc - roasting lechon for parties and family gatherings, eventually became built up as the family’s business, as demand from many relatives and friends started coming in. Elar’s is based in Quezon City, where the Lontoc family built its home; the family’s own roasting pit then gave rise to the business that Elar’s is now. Today, Elar’s Lechon® is run by the daughters - Josefina Portillo & Dolores Santos.